Due in March… Dry Bones satin rayon repro of one of theeee rarest of the rare MacMurray jackets. Yee-haw!

Please send message to pre-order yours🔥

More images here

XL: Shoulder: 18¾ inch (48cm), Chest: 23.5 (60), Sleeve: 24.5 (62), Length: 25 (64)
L: Shoulder: 18 inch (46cm), Chest: 22.5 (57), Sleeve: 23.5 (60), Length: 24.5 (62)
M: Shoulder: 17¼ inch (44cm), Chest: 21¼ (54), Sleeve: 23¼ (59), Length: 23.5 (60)

To order yours, please email to tenpoundpom@gmail.com


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