From Tokyo, we are your one-stop for these fabulous clothes from Japan!

We stock 706 Union, Belafonte, Dry Bones, Groovin High, Star of Hollywood, Style Eyes, Sun Surf and more!

Please contact or send a facebook message here

Returns: I will take returns for an exchange, credit or refund BUT ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED AT YOUR EXPENSE WITHIN 3 WEEKS

I love the stuff I sell… and I wear it too!






See more of these beautiful clothes in action here


20 responses »

  1. tonyh82 says:

    Excellent site, very cool stock. Will be bagging some of this!

  2. Ome says:

    Hi there
    Do have to pay for custom charge. I love in UK

    Thank you

  3. Bruce says:

    Can you notify me when you get in more XL sun surf shirts ?!

    • manjapan says:

      Hello Bruce,

      Thank you for the contact.

      I’ll add you to my customer data base; I send email notifications whenever I load new stock (always by bcc) – but I’ll need your email address. Please could you contact me via

      Many thanks!

  4. Jirral Kate Darmoise says:

    Hi I have some shirts I want to sell for charity 2 x star of hollywood Vince ray panther shirts and 2 x star of hollywood japanese shirts. Are you interesed?

    • manjapan says:

      Hello There,

      Many thanks for getting in touch about selling your Star of Hollywood shirts.

      Yes, I am interested depending on the size and condition of the shirts.

  5. faz farrell says:

    trying to buy jacket and shirt,but can,t get through to do this, help

  6. Louis says:

    Hello :
    Would you help order groovin high some product? Do you post to oversea ?
    Thank you very much

  7. Caden Gamblin says:

    I saw your replica of the black atomic fleck dress jacket, but I can’t seem to find it again. Id love some help, thank you! ☺

  8. Guillaume says:

    do you have a street adress? a store? or web only?

  9. Matt stone says:

    How much is the Red RCA Elvis Sport Shirt?

  10. Linda Hines says:

    Hi! What method and substance used to print the t shirts, such as the octopus and shark one. They are very beautiful!

    • manjapan says:

      Hi Linda, to be honest… I don’t know… my Japanese isn’t that good. But, if it’s the Groovin High shirts you mean, then these are cotton cable knits. Hope this helps.

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