Available now… gorgeous heavy rayon on this classic print. VERY LIMITED STOCK… Black or Gray…please see the Dry Bones page here for more pictures…


To get yours, please send an email to tenpoundpom@gmail.com

IMG_20180812_161346_resized_20180812_041356238IMG_20180812_161809_resized_20180812_041818222XL: Shoulder: 19.5 inches, Chest: 24, Sleeve: 25, Length: 29
L: Shoulder: 18.5 inches, Chest: 23, Sleeve: 24.5, Length: 28
M: Shoulder: 17.5, Chest: 21.5, Sleeve: 23.5, Length: 27
S: Shoulder: 17, Chest: 20 3/4, Sleeve: 23, Length: 27



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