Taking orders now!

From our great friends at 706 Union (Tokyo)…as worn by The King in Jailhouse Rock…seen the samples and they’re fantastic.

Available in long-sleeve (end of March) and short-sleeve (end of April).

(cUS$220, cGBP150, c175 euro)

Note that the short-sleeve has normal button closure (as per the original) while the long-sleeve has hidden button with loop closure. 

XX Large: Shoulder 20.4 inches, Chest 24.8 (almost 25), Sleeve: short sleeve 9, long sleeve 25, Length: 30

X Large: Shoulder 19.6 inches, Chest 24, Sleeve: short sleeve 8.8, long-sleeve 24.2
Length 29

Large: Shoulder 18.8 inches, Chest 23.2, Sleeve: short sleeve 8.6, long sleeve 24.2, Length 28.3

Medium: Shoulder 18.1 inches, Chest 22.4, Sleeve: short sleeve 8.46, long sleeve 23.8
Length 27.5

Small: Shoulder 17.3 inches, Chest 21.5, Sleeve: short sleeve 8, long sleeve 23.5
Length 26.5



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