Taking orders now on this beautiful rayon (90%) & silk (10%) repro from our great friends at Grooving High (Japan).

Order deadline = June 30th

To order, please email tenpoundpom@gmail.com

Please indicate size and colour (pink or green)


There will be made on a produce-to-order basis only.

Price = US$189

XXXL: Shoulder: 21 inches, Chest: 25, Sleeve: 25.5, Length: 31.5
XXL: Shoulder: 20 inches, Chest: 24.5, Sleeve: 24.5, Length: 31
XL: Shoulder: 19 inches, Chest: 23.5, Sleeve: 24.5, Length: 30
L: Shoulder: 18.5 inches, Chest: 22.5, Sleeve: 24, Length: 29.5
M: Shoulder: 18 inches, Chest: 22, Sleeve: 23.5, Length: 28.5

manjapan… the very best clothing from Japan…

Dry Bones, Grooving High,  Style Eyes, Star of Hollywood, Sun Surf… and more!
Please click on links at top of page for more details!
Got similar to sell? Please let me know.
Worldwide shipping. All prices in US$.


instagram @manjapan_clothing


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