TAKING ORDERS NOW…706 Union Rayon Diamonds… Due in May… long sleeve (US$169) short sleeve (US$159) in Burgundy & Light Pink.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

XL: Shoulder: 19.6, Chest: 24, Sleeve: 24.5 & 8.8, Length: 29
L: Shoulder: 18.8, Chest: 23.2, Sleeve: 24.2 & 8.5, Length: 28.3
M: Shoulder: 18, Chest: 22.5, Sleeve: 23.8 & 8.5, Length: 27.5
S: Shoulder: 17.3, Chest: 21.5, Sleeve: 23.4 & 8, Length: 26.5

manjapan… the very best clothing from Japan…

Dry Bones, Grooving High,  Style Eyes, Star of Hollywood, Sun Surf… and more!
Please click on links at top of page for more details!
Got similar to sell? Please let me know.
Worldwide shipping. All prices in US$.



4 responses »

  1. paul lambourne says:

    Hi Simon could I get the burgundy union diamond in size XL in short sleeve . Paul ________________________________

  2. paul lambourne says:

    Hi Simon would like the pink union diamond as well in XL short sleeve just to confirm pink and burgundy union diamond shirts both in XL and short sleeve and a little discount for your old mate ha ha . Paul ________________________________

  3. manjapan says:

    Many thanks, Paul. Will get back to you asap.

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